Winter Storage

Includes - Hauling of boat, Storage on land, and relaunch. Storage is from September 1 - May 31, Additional charges apply

Shrink Wrap Service

Shrink wrap is the best means of protecting your boat from the snow and ice during those long, cold and windy winter months. It'll keep your boat warm when the sun shines and dry on even the worst of days.

Shrink wrap comes in three colors - white, blue and clear. White is the most popular in Massachusetts and is what we provide to our customers. It's acceptable looking in neighborhoods and because it's translucent, it provides comfortable light when you're in the boat.

What's included ...

  • Shrink Wrap Removal Charge
  • Shrink Wrap

Outboard Winterization Service

All winterization is Labor PLUS, Parts and sales tax. Computer diagnostics readout on MOST 4 Stroke and Direct injected Engines included.

What's included ...

  • Fogging
  • Test & Flush Cooling system
  • Gear Oil and Grease

General Engine Repair

We services all parts and motors we sell. Warranty available on any Evinrude not sold by us

What's included ...

  • Outboard Repair Johnson,Evinrude 2005 to present,::::: Yamaha 2005 to 2016 , Mercury 2005 to Present
  • Propeller, Gearcase Repair, out on Weds back following Weds.
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Parts and accessories


Pike Marine introduced the first Travel Lift on Cape Ann in 1963


Winter storage includes Travelift or Trailer -Haul and launch only